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nutrition in ramadan
My Nutrition plan during Ramadan as a Modern Muslim woman

Fun fact: Did you know that your brain controls hunger and energy use. Today I am going to share with you three principles to take care of your brain for a healthy nutritious Ramadan and keep reading until the end because I have two yummy bonuses to share with you from a vegan cook. Create a sustainable nutrition system. My…

ramadan fasting plan
How I Prepare For Fasting during Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem. Ramadan is here, and I am sure, like me, you are looking for ways to make sure that this Ramadan is the Ramadan you will change for the best. In this article, I will share how to start your Ramadan right and have a healthy, prosperous, and empowering Ramadan with a four-step process that is easy and straightforward.…

nutrition plan in ramadan
Your Simplified Ramadan Nutrition Plan For Success

During this Ramadan, let’s make sure that we have a proper Ramadan nutrition plan to have a healthy and successful Ramadan. It is essential to be mindful of that because Ramadan is NOT about food. It is about reconnecting with Quran and reconnecting to our spiritual self. I asked Graciela Corrales, a registered nutritional therapist in clinical practice for ten…

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