Self-confidence is believing in yourself in your abilities to achieve whatever you want; it is essential because high self-confidence brings you more joy, better health, and more resilience.

Resilience is all about how you prepare to handle or go through a challenging situation or stressful situation.

In this article, I will share with you two exercises that will immediately boost your self-confidence with 1 simple tricks in less than 5 minutes.

Standing or sitting posture of confidence

This is one of my favorite exercises ever to boost my self-confidence. I use it a lot, especially before a special event, speech, or interview.

Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy studied extensively this subject the relationship between postures, feelings, and behavior, and there is something that happens between your posture and your brain.

Your posture sends a message to your brain that changes the way you feel, which is so powerful.

A powerful sitting position is when you sit straight and smile.

You can have this position wherever whenever you want, even if you are in a meeting, you can use this.

A powerful standing position is what I call the superwoman, or the Superman pose if you’re a man.

The superwoman pose looks like this I am standing up, I have my hands on my waist, and I’m straight, and I feel powerful.

In addition to that and as a Muslim, I also know that through my faith with I know that I have Allah subhana wa ta’ala’s power, wisdom, and patience and all the great qualities of our creator behind me, so it gives me this super confidence boost.

2. Exercise

Exercising regularly releases endorphins in your body (the feel-good hormone), which puts you in a happy state of mind, and this happy state of mind makes you see yourself more positively.

Doing Yoga is one of these, feel-good moments for me. Every posture is an opportunity to improve and go out of my comfort zone.

If I succeed or fail, it doesn’t matter, but I always feel great at the end of the session.

The icing of the cake with exercising is that it takes you to motivation, motivating yourself to act, and the more you take action, the more you will build self-confidence.


I’m sharing with you a scale to measure your self-esteem; self-esteem is quite similar to self-confidence. You can’t manage what you don’t count, so try it out here.

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