“Fatima is a rock star! She’s superb at cutting through the noise and giving you clarity while making you feel empowered. No matter what your goals are, she’s excellent at nurturing and supporting you to reach them.”

Ashley J Saunders, UK
AJS Digital Group // www.ajsdigitalgroup.co.uk

“Fatima’s enthusiasm is infectious!”

James O’Donnell AKA JOD, UK

“I recently had a 1:1 coaching call with Fatima, Alhumdulillah we did some brainstorming which really helped me to gain clarity and have a clear plan of action. Her feedback was extremely beneficial.”

Yasmin, UK

“If you have the chance to connect with Fatima in a professional (or even personal capacity for that matter), I’d highly recommend it! She’s a deeply intelligent, caring, energetic individual that I count myself lucky to know! Her positivity, commitment to development and can-do attitude are infectious…. and her entrepreneurial spirit, love of learning and helping others are admirable.”

Elizabeth, CANADA

“Fatima makes you understand both the magnitude and insignificance of other people’s opinions”

Abdullah, UK

“It only takes a few moments with Fatima K. for you to feel her amazing vibes and energy. Fatima K. is a very kind person, always helpful, and never underestimates what I can accomplish. She offers unlimited ideas and thanks to her I feel like I can solve any issues I am facing. She is very friendly as well, we instantly clicked and felt comfortable talking to her from the first video call.”

Haifa, UAE

“Having Fatima as a coach has been Insightful, Fun, and Transformative. Her enthusiasm, ability to engage, along with Branding and Marketing expertise… has been so influential in my progress this year.”

Magnus, UK

“Fatima is a fantastic high-performance individual. She has struck me as a person that goes all-in; she is a winner with a kind heart, strong and resilient. She has helped me to find clarity in my goals and focus in the coming highly period. Even with just a few sessions, I have walked away with great value.”

Mateo, Germany