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Becoming an Empowered Woman

Let’s spark the flame of transformation for women to be emotionally and physically healthier and stronger 😉 Register Here

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Learn Who You Truly Are And Harvest The Benefits

If there is a skill you want to develop in your life to be content, happy, and with better relationships, it is Self-awareness. The latest research says that there are two types of self-awareness, internal self-awareness, and external self-awareness. Internal Self-awareness is how you see yourself, and external self-awareness is how you understand how people see you. join me on…

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How Do You Separate The Personal From The Professional Life when working from home?

A one-hour deep dive to take you through 3 ways to make a clear separation between your personal life and your professional life while working from home. Many of my clients had this challenge and with these 2 simple tweaks, they were able to increase their productivity and decrease their stress. Bring your notebook and a pen and let’s get…

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Release your stress at home

Being at home is a luxury for people that were stressed in the workplace! You are in your environment, it is your bubble, nobody is watching you, you don’t have to do small talk with your colleagues… It is time to let go of your stress. I am inviting you to a one-hour deep dive to understand the stress and…

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Do You Know What Your Beliefs Are?

A one-hour deep dive to understand your ego and your beliefs in this exercise where we will work together to uncover your inner beliefs about yourself and most importantly how to let go of the ones that don’t serve you. Bring a pen and paper to your phone to record your answers and make sure that you are not distracted…