“By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it”

Franz Kafka

The core foundation of my life and my coaching philosophy is acknowledging the power of belief and creating the right belief system for living our best life. If you develop the right belief system, you can go through anything in life and attain new heights that were once only in the dream realm. 

Our expectations shape what we believe it’s possible.

Expecting something to happen will start a domino effect on how you think, how you use your resources, and how you act. 

Think about something you want to do that you want to achieve that is important for you. 

When you have this clarity on how it looks, you want to start moving towards it. You might not have what you need to get there (resources, support, money, environment), but there is something that will keep you going to get the ball rolling. 

This “something” is a belief. 

“Our predictions for the near and distance future bend reality”

Chris Berdik from Mind over Mind

Beliefs control all your system


  • 1.an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. “his belief in extraterrestrial life.”
  • 2.trust, faith, or confidence in (someone or something).

Understanding what a belief is is the first step into opening the door to the control room of your being. 

To understand what this means, let’s explore the concepts of placebo and nocebo effect. 

  • A placebo in medical research is a non-medical substance (sugar pill) given to patients instead of the actual drug to improve their state. However, these patients believe that they were given the actual medication, and their state gets better. 
  • The nocebo effect is when a patient takes the placebo and is told that it will have harmful side effects, which happens for the patient. 

These two effects show that the driver seat of our control system is our beliefs. 

Don’t fall into this mental trap.

How many of us believe that we are not social, good at sports, or think that we are natural in languages or math?

This is the mental trap to avoid: putting yourself in a box and believing that you cannot get outside of it. 

To explain this Mindset, let’s explore the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. 

In her book “Mindset,” Carol Dweck, psychologist, and researcher at the University of Stanford uncovered these two types of Mindset and how they define our successes and failures. 

With a Fixed Mindset, we believe that we cannot get out of the box. We tend to focus on looking smart, associating making an effort with being incapable, and when we fail, we stop doing whatever we started. 

With a Growth Mindset, we focus more on the process, the learning. We understand that working on something makes us smart, and when failure comes, we still go on. 

Change your beliefs, change your life.

What if you don’t have the belief yet?

What if you are getting starting? 

What if you haven’t build up that confidence?

Do you believe your business will succeed or fail?

“When you are working on something you want to achieve, you got to sell yourself every day on your abilities.”

Les Brown.

How do you change your belief system?

By asking yourself questions:

  • Which environments can I expose myself to during this period that will help me grow in the direction I want to become?
  • Who was I until now? 
  • Who am I right now?
  • Whom do I want to become?

Using Visualization :

Visualization creates the same effect in the brain as taking action. It’s FREE, and you can do it from anywhere.

Using Positive Self-talk:

Manage how you talk to yourself constantly. When you hear yourself say ‘I can’t do it,” add “yet” to it and observe the difference it makes.  

Believing in Islam

As Muslims, believing in the unseen is something necessary to our faith. To become a Muslim, we start with the shahada: a person must testify, “I bear witness that there is no God but the One God, and Muhammad is a Messenger of God.” And we do that without seeing God or our prophet (PBUH)

But this small sentence, this belief, drives how we live our life, how we think, and how we behave with others. It is an excellent example of how important are the believes that we hold in ourselves. 

In conclusion, understand that we must realize that we are not chained to our current capabilities to increase our human potential. It is possible to change your circumstances; it just starts with a belief and the courage to keep going. 

“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing optimism”

Winston Churchill.

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